November 6, 2013


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Sunday 27th October; the official end of British Summer Time. A morning generally looked forward to by most as it offers an extra hour in bed.

This year, however, it was heralded by 40mph winds and The Great South Run !

Nine members of Harvey Warren Trust ran the 10 miles in conditions described by most present as ‘Could be better’!

Everyone put in fabulous times and after the finish all were wearing their medals proudly in the blustery conditions which continued throughout the day.

We were grateful to be amongst 25,000 proud runners, all with huge grins on their faces willed on by the support of their friends and families. We were especially proud to run for a cause so close to our hearts.


When asking for a few quotes after the finish, it was probably best that the wind and shivering muffled the ‘enthusiastic’ response to ‘Same time next year?’

Here are a few anyway:

‘I ache in places I didn’t know I had, I need to go to the shop, but I want to cry at the thought of walking’

‘I need a stair lift, I am completely numb. Never again’!

‘Run Forest Run’

‘Well we did it, and did it together’

‘You’re amazing and pictures of your hugely happy grin before and after are, and will be so inspiring’

‘It was all for Harvey, so every smile was for him’


Thank you so much to all who ran, all who sponsored us and all who are continuing to support Harvey Warren Trust.


You’re all amazing and so far we have raised over £3500

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


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