October 15, 2013

We Give Thanks For Our Little Boy

Thoughts of Harvey

Dear God, we give thanks for our little boy,
Beautiful Harvey, our pride and our joy.
Our Prince, you were with us for such a short time;
We loved you, we held you, we know you’ll be fine;
As its now with the angels that you fly,
They knew you were coming, they heard us cry.
And as for the cuddles that we know you love,
You’ll have so many from the angels above.
The time you were with us, though it was short,
Gave us happiness, which cannot be bought.
You were our butterfly, just here for a while,
But we will always remember your smile.
So little Prince, as we sit here today,
We send our love, as together we pray.

Dear friends, let us turn to the Lord, the God of hope and consolation, who calls us to everlasting glory in Christ Jesus.

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